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picture of Neil Dabb Neil Dabb e-mail
Neil grew up in Smithfield, Utah, and got interested in amateur radio in high school. He currently holds a General Class license. He was a material handler for over 10 years while obtaining a BA in Liberal Arts with a minor in Computer Science from Utah State University in June 1988. He has been a freelance writer for most of that time and has been published in a variety of magazines over the years. He also has completed some class work toward a masterís degree in instructional and performance technology.

Neil has worked for Utah State University for ten years with the Junior Engineering program. He enjoys writing, Frisbee (disc) golf and bonfires. He is the father of five children and lives in Logan Utah. He blogs at Neil's books, and has a Smashwords profile and books for sale.

Arno Copley e-mail
Arno grew up in Oakland, CA, earning an Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration from Merritt College in Oakland and a BA in English Literature with a minor in Geology from California State University in Hayward. He prefers the History and Discovery channels to prime time. He is an amateur photographer, a writer of fiction and nonfiction and enjoys exploring ghost towns and other historic places. He enjoys travelling, has a love for hot rods, and can fix most things he has taken apart. He has worked a variety of vocations from handyman and home renovations, to teaching in the public schools, to real estate and customer service.

Cache Valley has been his home since 1998. Most recently he delivered the Junior Engineering program for Utah State University to elementary schools throughout the Intermountain West.

picture of Laura Swift Lind Laura Swift Lind e-mail
During the first half of 2009, Laura took the portable planetarium to schools in Cache County, UT and Franklin County, ID as a volunteer. She has a Master's in Space Studies from the International Space University in Strasbourg, France, and has been involved with Reading for the Future since 1999. While an undergrad at Utah State University, she worked on several experiments which flew on the Space Shuttle, and on the Explorer and Discovery space simulators. She married Dan Lind on May Day 2009.

Laura tweets & blogs under the ID cachestarhouse.

picture of James Porter James Porter e-mail
James has worked with space simulations since 1990 when he began volunteering at the CMSEC in Pleasant, Grove. Over the years he has seen the great influence that programs like the space center can have in students lives. In 2008 he graduated from Utah State University with a Social Studies Composite teaching degree. He currently teaches at Thomas Edison Charter School and is working with the Computer Science department to develop interactive lesson plans for use in the classroom. Along with all of that he fills his spare time with the development of a simulator program he hopes to make available to the students of Cache Valley.

James' blog is Cache Valley Space Education Center.

Melanie Dabb
picture of Brent White Brent White
Brent White graduated from USU in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and is a cabinetmaker living in Logan Utah.